Deerfield River Laser
ON2 / ON30 / ON3 Retrofit Car Sides
Lengthening the Roof and Frame
S Scale
O Scale
Disassembling the Bachmann car:
1.  Remove the roof by gently squeeze the roof to disengage the roof clips
2.  The wires for the light come through holes in the plastic cross piece.  Cut the wires just below the
 solder joint so that the wires can be pulled down through the holes.  
3.  The plastic body is attached to the frame by 2 clips through each end platform and 6 clips along the
  floor, which interlock with the lower edge
 of the clear plastic.  Place two fingers into
 the body and gently press outward to
 release the side clips.  This should release
 the body and allow it to be lifted off.
4.  Remove the 2 small screws holding the
  interior and remove the assembly.
5.  Remove the 2 screws attaching the trucks,
  then remove the trucks for later reuse.

Cut the frame into 3 segments along
the floorboard lines.

1   It is handy to use the scrap Bachmann car
body as a cutting fixture, with the frame
placed upside down on top of the car body.
2.  Using the floor boards as a guide, cut both
ends of the frame between the wheel bolster
and the truss rods, as shown in the photo

Reassembly of the 46” frame

1.  Test fit the long wooden floor board on the
  inner frame, around the metal weight.  
  Glue with ACC.
2.  Glue the one of the lower floor spacers
  under the long wooden floor board,
  snug against the plastic frame.
3.  Glue one of the plastic frame ends under the
  long wooden floor board, snug against the
  lower floor spacer.  Check that the frame
  is straight before the glue hardens.
4.  The spacing between the steps on the frame
 should match the car body.  Place the
second lower floor spacer and plastic frame
end in position and verify the correct spacing.
Adjust if necessary before gluing in place.
5.  Test fit the 4 frame beam extensions on each
end, and then glue in place.

Cut and splice four Bachmann 36’ roofs into three 46’ roofs.