ON2 / ON30  Retrofit Car Side KIts
The 36' Quik-Kit Series are a direct replacement for the plastic body on the
Bachmann ON30 coaches.  The kits include unpainted wooden side and end
walls along with an appropriate decal set.
 MSRP - $ 44.00

DRL-O-M05      WW&F #5 Coach   
36' Coach  

DRL-O-M05C   36' Coach
Short version of
W&Q coach #2 and #3

DRL-O-M06     WW&F # 6 Combine  
36' RPO/Smoking Car  

The 46' Kit-Basher Series require extending the Bachmann frame and roof.  
Four Bachmann roofs are used to create three 46' extended roof.  The kits
include unpainted wooden sides and ends along with an appropriate decal set.
         MSRP - $ 56.00

DRL-O-M10   W&Q Coach #3
46' Coach

DRL-O-M12   W&Q #1    
46' RPO/Baggage/Express

ON2 prototype Narrow 6' 6" width ends, 2 per pack   MSRP - $ 8.00

DRL-O-M30  J&S Coach  
DRL-O-M31  J&S Combine
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Wiscasset, Waterville, & Farmington (WWF) and
Wiscasset & Quebec (W&Q)   Maine 2 Foot Railroad
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See the Instructions for Lengthening
the Bachmann Frame and Roof