Deerfield River Laser
S Scale Boats and Barges
Boat kits include unpainted Laser cut
wood pilot house, resin hull, and cast
detail parts.
Barges are unpainted Laser cut wood
hulls with cast detail parts.

DRL S-701      Tug Boat                                                       $ 48.00
DRL S-702      53 ft Logging Rail Barge                             $ 32.00
DRL S-703      53 ft Flat Top Barge                                     $ 22.00
DRL S-704      53 ft Coal Barge                                           $ 32.00  
DRL S-705      
DRL S-706      
S Scale
O Scale
S Scale Wiscasset Waterfront

DRL S-424     Turner Centre Creamery                            $ 80.00
DRL S-425     Wiscasset Grain Company                          $ 80.00