Deerfield River Laser  
WW&F Buildings and cars
Wiscasset Waterfront
                                                         O Scale  7.5" to 8" depth

DRL-O-217   Wharf Master Station    4"x5"   $52.00                        

DRL-O-426    Sail Loft (South Grain Company)     6"x8" (or 8"x6")   $84.00

              DRL-O-429   Wiscasset Lumber      9"x7.5"    $54.00

                          DRL-O-424    Turner Centre Creamery    10.7"x7.5"   $103.00

                                      DRL-O-425    Wiscasset Grain Company   13"x8"  $102.00
This series of kits of the Wiscasset waterfront (circa 1915).  While the original buildings were
up to 100' deep, we have designed these O & S Scale to fit on a space only 8" deep.  
The HO Scale are designed for a space of  11" depth (lots of doors and windows).

DRL O-409   WW&F Potato Warehouse
            6"x11"          $ 56.00
DRL O-216   WW&F North Whitefield
         Building 7.5"x5"     
         Roof 11"x8"
             $ 86.00
DRL O-428   Red's Eats
          3.5"x2"      $ 18.00

DRL O-117   WW&F 30' Dairy Car - O Scale
         TCDA #65  (#72 and #73)
             $ 72.00

DRL O-422   C.B.Seekins Dry Goods
        Main St.  Wiscasset
            4"x5"      $ 62.00
DRL O-215   WW&F Head Tide Station
        (Mirror Image)
        Building 7.5"x5"
        Roof  11"x8"
             $ 86.00
Up the Line Kits - O Scale
Wiscasset Main Street Kits - O Scale

DRL O-421   Renovated Carriage House
         Upper Main St    Wiscasset
          8"x4"      $ 58.00

DRL O-427   Littlefield's Meats
      Main St.  Wiscasset
          4"x5"      $ 56.00
                                                           S Scale    7.5" depth

DRL-S-424    Turner Centre Creamery    8.5"x7.5"   $80.00

                                   DRL-S-425    Wiscasset Grain Company   10.5"x7.5"  $80.00
                                                NEW for Denver NNGC  Photos to come
                                                    HO Scale   7.5" to 11" depth

DRL-HO-426A    Sail Loft with Hay Barn  (South Grain Company)     10"x7.5"    $96.00

           DRL-HO-429   Wiscasset Lumber      6.5"x8"    $56.00

                       DRL-HO-424    Turner Centre Creamery    7.4"x11"   $92.00

                                   DRL-HO-425    Wiscasset Grain Company   10"x10"  $99.00